February Featured Resource: Dynamed Plus & Isabel

Posted February 10th 2017

DynaMed Plus
DynaMed Plus is an evidence-based, point-of-care reference tool. It features an easy to use search bar and concise results and topics pages. DynaMed Plus also includes patient handouts within results pages, medical calculators, and other decision support tools. DynaMed Plus uses Micromedex source material for drug information and includes general reference information for medical topics.
CE/CME credits are available via a link in the top right-hand corner of topic pages.

To complete a CME/CE activity:

1. Create a DynaMed Plus account or sign in to your previously created account.
2. Search for a topic, then click on Earn CME at the top of the topic page
3. The first time you access the CME/CE credits page, you will be prompted to enter your email and choose the type of credit you would like to receive.
4. Then you will click on the Prepare Submission button and answer a short list of questions in order to receive the CME/CE credit.
5. You will then receive a credit certificate, which can be accessed anytime by click on the claimed credits tab on the CME credits page.

For more information on types of credit available and how to claim credits click here: How to Earn CME/CE Credits on DynaMed Plus and Types of CME/CE Credits Available through DynaMed Plus.

Isabel is a diagnosis decision support resource. Utilizing a dynamic, diagnosis checklist system, it complements the clinician’s knowledge and expertise by offering access to evidence-based content that can rapidly assist in determining or confirming a diagnosis.

Together Isabel and DynaMed provide a powerful combination of differential diagnosis support backed by the most current clinical evidence about diseases, drugs and treatments to give physicians the evidence-based information they need to provide the best care to their patients. Seamless integration brings the evidence-based content from DynaMed into Isabel’s diagnostic process and allows users easier access directly at the point-of-care, regardless of whether a search begins in Isabel or DynaMed.

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