Isabel – Diagnostic Decision Support Tool

Posted July 10th 2015

The Baylor Health Sciences Library is pleased to now provide access to Isabel, a diagnosis decision support tool designed to produce a differential list and stimulate thinking when there is diagnostic doubt or question.

Access Isabel Here

Utilizing a dynamic, diagnosis checklist system, it complements the clinician’s knowledge and expertise by offering access to evidence-based content that can rapidly assist in determining or confirming a diagnosis.

Differential Diagnosis Tool
• Isabel is a diagnosis checklist tool to help clinicians broaden their differential diagnosis and recognize a disease at the point-of-care.
• The web-based Isabel tool uses the patient’s demographics and clinical features to produce a list of possible diagnoses, including time-sensitive Don’t Miss Diagnoses.

Point-of-Care Knowledge Organizer
DynaMed Plus and PubMed are integrated into Isabel, providing differential diagnosis support backed by current clinical evidence about diseases, drugs and treatments.

Teaching tool
• Clinicians develop and hone their clinical and diagnostic skills.

Isabel Mobile Site Instructions
1. From on-campus or after signing in to off campus access using a desktop computer, access the Isabel homepage to retrieve a username and password – click on Mobile Device box in the lower right corner.
2. From your mobile device, click on the Isabel link on the Library’s databases page and login with the username and password obtained from the Isabel homepage in step one

Isabel Mobile App Download Instructions
Note: As of July, 2017, the Isabel app has been discontinued in lieu of an improved mobile version of the website.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about Isabel, please contact the Library at 214-828-8151 or email us at

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