January Featured Resource: Natural Medicines

Posted January 5th 2017

Natural Medicines systematically evaluates scientific data from the fields of complementary and alternative medicine, synthesizing and organizing the material into peer-reviewed and evidence-graded monographs. Monographs are provided at both the professional and consumer level to promote both informed clinical decision-making and patient education.

Monographs covering functional foods, herbs, and supplements critically review the safety, efficacy, pharmacology, and contraindications of such natural treatments. Searching by indication, comparative efficacy charts analyze and systematically grade the effectiveness of conventional and alternative treatments for the prevention and management of diseases. Evidence tables examining the reliability of current literature are provided as well.

Other online features include an interactive symptoms checker, online health calculators as well as databases on genomics, environmental resources, and health and wellness.

To find patient information handouts from the database, first browse for your appropriate subject term and select it; then choose the flashcard or bottom-line monograph option from the list of resources that appear.

Mobile App:
To access the full content, you must register for an account. The easiest way is to request a CE ID, even if you’re not interested in doing CE. You may put in four 0s for the SSN field if you prefer.

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To take a course or find more information on the courses, visit the Natural Medicines CE/CME Center.
CE/CME credits are available through this resource. Natural Medicines provide CE/CME courses through their Clinical Management Series.

For the Clinical Managment Series, you will first need to create a CE ID.

You will receive a statement of credit following successful completion of the activity.

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