New Resource – PALMs Cardiology

Posted December 12th 2017

PALMs, or Perceptual-Adaptive Learning Modules, from Med Insight LT are a revolutionary advanced learning technology using a PATENTED combination of perceptual and adaptive sequencing based on both accuracy and speed of learners to improve learning and retention of information over regular didactic methods.

PALMs will:
• Improve learning outcomes and long term retention of information
• Set learning points and track students’ progress in learning these points until they achieve a mastery level
• Engage more students and faculty to save time and costs
• With customization, integrate your own course materials to create your own PALMs and/or choose from the already developed modules available

PALMs Cardiology
This collection includes PALMs for training interpretation of clinical tests related to diagnosing cardiac abnormalities. Examples of such tests are blood pressure determination, 12-lead ECG, bedside cardiac ultrasound, and transesophageal echocardiography.

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