TRIAL: Science Robotics

Posted March 4th 2020

TRIAL through May 31, 2020.

Science Robotics is the newest journal to join the Science family of journals and it is now open to accept submissions. A recent editorial describes the journal’s goal to select the most groundbreaking advances in robotics across applications, systems, and scales of general interest to the robotics and research community. If your research is in this area then consider submitting your work to our new journal. If you’re a robot enthusiast, then explore our research and news coverage of the topic specially curated by our expert staff. The 8 July cover story features a nickel-sized artificial string-ray whose swimming is guided by light and powered by heart muscle cells: a “living” robot hailed as a technical tour de force.


Please take a look at Science Robotics and then provide us with feedback on this resource.

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