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Academic Search Complete
Academic Search Complete provides users access to a multidisciplinary collection of scholarly materials from the sciences and humanities.

The database provides coverage for most academic areas of study including, but not limited to: biology, chemistry, ethnic & multicultural studies, religion & theology, medical sciences, law, and pharmacology. The comprehensive database contains more than 7,500 full-text periodicals and abstracts to nearly 12,000 journals. Material is drawn from peer-reviewed journals, books, newspapers, primary source documents, reports, and conferences. An extensive images collection is also provided.

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AccessAnesthesiology is an integrated online resource that leads the way with a new generation of anesthesiology reference tools, blending content with clinical context. Physicians, residents, and nurse anesthetists can access a compendium of renowned medical resources, including exclusive procedural videos and textbooks.It offers multiple tools for resident education and certification/recertification in pain management, critical care, and perioperative medicine.
AccessCardiology from McGraw-Hill Medical addresses the most current standards of care, research, and clinical trials through references from leading experts in the field of cardiology in areas such as interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.

Optimized for viewing on any mobile device and guided by an Advisory Board that includes five of the top academic experts in the field of cardiology, AccessCardiology is the field’s most trusted cardiology resource, frequently updated and always innovative.

AccessCardiology also bridges the gap between basic science and clinical applications for residents and fellows, and features quick reference capabilities for practicing cardiologists, NPs, and PAs.
AccessEmergency Medicine
AccessEmergency Medicine is a complete online service that allows users to quickly search the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of emergency cases with videos. Physicians and residents will find answers for a broad spectrum of complaints encountered in the ED, ranging from neurologic and orthopedic emergencies, to poisoning and trauma. A semantically-driven search engine provides quick and targeted treatment information, as well as deeper information such as different presentations, diagnostic tests, procedures, and more.
AccessMedicine provides daily updated medical information that is culled from a variety of well-respected medical textbooks including Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and Hurst's the Heart to support both the clinician and student in quick clinical decision-making and continued education.

The database's online features include a drug index, reference guide to common laboratory tests, differential diagnosis tool, video and image gallery, clinical and basic science series, case files, practice guidelines, patient handouts, and board preparation materials. It serves as a source for critical background information.

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AccessMedicine | Case Files Collection
McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine Case Files Collection consists of regularly updated, interactive editions of the popular Case Files medical textbook series published by McGraw-Hill. The Case Files Colleciton subjects cover everything from basic science through post-graduate medical training.
AccessMedicine | Clinical Sports Medicine Collection
The Clinical Sports Medicine Collection provides a complete practical
guide to musculoskeletal medicine and physical therapy. All aspects of
diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries and physical activity
are covered, including the fundamental principles of sports medicine,
diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, enhancement of sports
performance and dealing with special groups of participants.
AccessMedicine | HemOnc Collection
The HemOnc Collection from McGraw-Hill Medical offers a new approach to hematology-oncology reference and research. Updated regularly, this comprehensive online HemOnc resource covers the entire spectrum of hematology-oncology from the basics to specialty-specific content – optimized for viewing on any device.

The HemOnc Collection can assist fellows and residents in strengthening their skills with instant access to leading textbooks that will establish a solid base for learning; enable fellowship directors to create, track and report their fellows’ progress through a custom curriculum that eases workflow and allow practicing physicians to reinforce their medical knowledge for recertification.
AccessMedicine | Murtagh's General Practice Collection
John Murtagh’s General Practice Collection provides an indispensable
source of information for medical professionals and students alike. Collectively search 6 texts centered around John Murtagh’s General Practice, widely recognised as the gold standard reference and most influential publication for general practice and primary health care.
AccessMedicine | Neurology Collection
The Neurology Collection from McGraw-Hill Medical offers a new approach to neurology reference, research, and curricular instruction – all in one place. Updated regularly, this comprehensive online neurology resource covers the entire spectrum of neurology from the basics to specialty-specific content – optimized for viewing on any device.
AccessMedicine | ObGyn Collection
AccessMedicine’s ObGyn Collection from McGraw-Hill Medical offers a single search interface for obstetrics and gynecology reference and research. Updated regularly, this comprehensive online ObGyn resource covers the entire spectrum of obstetrics and gynecology–for viewing on any device.

The database houses a strong collection of reputable titles including Williams Obstetrics and Williams Gynecology. In addition to its electronic library, the database includes multimedia content and interactive self-assessment examinations.
AccessMedicine | Patient Education Handouts
AccessMedicine provides daily updated medical information that is culled from a variety of well-respected medical textbooks including Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and Hurst's the Heart to support both the clinician and student in quick clinical decision-making and continued education.

The Patient Education Handouts section includes handouts covering topics specific to acute care, adults and pediatrics, and medicines. You can register for or sign in to your free personal Access Medicine account to add your logo or personal message to the handouts.
AccessPediatrics is an integrated online resource that provides medical students, surgical residents, and practicing pediatricians with a broad range of content that covers the entire span of pediatric practice, from neonatology through adolescent medicine. Organized around a set of core topics developed by an advisory board of renowned pediatricians, AccessPediatrics meets the needs of medical students, pediatric residents, general practitioners, and pediatric specialists.
AccessPharmacy is a comprehensive drug information database that serves as an online curricular resource for pharmacy education. The core of the database includes an extensive listing of drug, herb and supplement monographs. The database culls information from a variety of well-respected medical texts including Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists, Pharmacotherapy Casebook, and Basic & Clinical Pharmacology.

An easy-to-use search interface allows users to search by core curriculum topic, organ system, or across the database's multiples sources. AccessPharmacy's other online features include diagnostic tests, cases, care plans, multimedia resources, news, exam questions (including a NAPLEX review), and medical calculators.
AccessPhysiotherapy is a resource for physical therapy students, educators, and those in practice seeking to maintain certification. Leading the next generation of online physical therapy resources, AccessPhysiotherapy features content from leading McGraw-Hill texts, interactive imaging content, exclusive multimedia, and flexible curricular tools.
AccessPhysiotherapy | F.A. Davis PT Collection
The F.A. Davis PT Collection on AccessPhysiotherapy is the most complete digital subscription resource for educators and physical therapy students. There are twenty-nine F.A. Davis physical therapy references available that are fully searchable and continuously updated. It offers a wide range of physical therapy cases designed to help students learn in the context of real patients by applying PT principles to real-life situations. There is also an extensive video library that features over 400 videos from the leaders of the PT field designed to teach exercise and rehabilitation techniques, kinetics, and physical therapy interventions.
A comprehensive resource for surgical education and practice, AccessSurgery provides medical students, surgical residents, and practicing surgeons with quick answers to surgical inquiries from trusted sources.

Users may select integrated content from videos, textbooks and images, as well as special features designed to assist residents and support surgical practice.
ACP Journal Club (EBM Reviews)
ACP Journal Club, a part of Ovid's Evidence Based Medicine Reviews Collection, summarizes clinically relevant original studies and systematic reviews into abstracts that aid physicians in the assessment and treatment of patients. ACP Journal Club provides critically appraised individual article synopses.

The database is made up of two sources: ACP Journal Club (which screens critically relevant medical material from over 100 journals), and Evidence-Based Medicine, a joint publication with the British Medical Journal Group.

Note: ACP Journal Club is a part of OVID's EBM Reviews Collection.
Note: ACP Journal Club and Evidence-based Medicine merged on Jan.1, 2000 and all current content is simply under The ACP Journal Club.

ACP Journal Club's Purpose and Procedure

Date Range for full text: 1991-present
AGRICOLA is a database that has bibliographic records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Library.
There are over 4.8 million citations comprised of journal articles, book chapters, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials and technical reports associated with agriculture. AGRICOLA includes all facets of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, agricultural engineering and technology and earth and environmental sciences.
AHFS Consumer Medication Information
AHFS Consumer Medication Information is a trusted source and recognized standard for patient drug information, available in both English and Spanish and updated monthly. AHFS is published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists—long recognized as an authority on educating patients about drug use and safety. Some key features are drug information monographs written in lay language for consumers. Conforms to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Keystone Guidelines for the provision of “useful” prescription medicine information to consumers and the FDA's Guidance for Useful Written Consumer Medication Information. Includes “How To” monographs for administering different types of medications such as eye drops and inhalers. Identifies medications that have the potential for adverse events when used by elderly patients as recommended by a panel of nationally recognized experts (Beers Criteria). These criteria identify medications that should generally be avoided or that should be used with caution in older adults (65 years of age or older).
AHFS Drug Information
AHFS DI® contains the most trustworthy drug information available--all in one place. It is the most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information complete with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses. This reference is intended to shape treatment decisions made by practitioners and clinicians and to influence public and private healthcare policies and decisions. It can be used as a valuable and unbiased pharmaceutical reference by clinical students and practitioners.
Alt HealthWatch
Alt HealthWatch provides in-depth and comprehensive subject coverage in the fields of complementary, alternative, and natural medicine. The database indexes literature from hundreds of journals in such holistic fields as osteopathy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine.

Publication types include journals (including some academic and peer-reviewed), health reports, consumer newsletters, pamphlets, and book excerpts. An images collection is also provided.

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AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors
The AMA Manual of Style is a must-have guide for anyone involved in medical and scientific publishing. It has everything you need to produce well-organized and clear manuscripts. The aim of the site is to deliver the highest quality content, in an easy-to-use way, helping you find the information you need to produce well-organized and authoritative articles and research papers.
Anatomy.TV Real Time Dentistry
Anatomy.TV is a complete interactive digital resource for educators, students and dental professionals that provides users with an invaluable multi-media encyclopaedic image library and reference to enhance consultations, presentations, teaching and study.
With access to 3D Anatomy for Dentistry and Dental Hygiene and Real-Time Dentistry.
APhA DrugInfoLine
APhA DrugInfoLINE® is a monthly newsletter of interpreted drug and pharmacotherapeutic information designed to keep front line pharmacists current on the latest trends in the biomedical literature. This unique STAT!Ref resource contains current, searchable information not available in any other similarly compiled format.
Artemis: Literary Sources
Artemis: Gale Literary Sources helps researchers, faculty and students to search through the largest amount of literary criticism, original works, biographies, reviews, work overviews and more. This database provides the tools that students, faculty and researchers need such as topic finder, term frequency graphs, search assist functionality, mobile compatibility and interface translation.
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