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DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects)
The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) is a part of the collection of evidence-based medical databases in the Cochrane Library. Systematic reviews regarding health and social care interventions are distilled into structured and value-added evidence-based abstracts with included critical appraisal for bottom-line clinical answers.

DARE, produced by the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, provides high quality systematic reviews that have not been carried out by The Cochrane Collaboration; as such, it serves as an important counterpart to Cochrane's Database of Systematic Reviews.

Note: DARE is a part of OVID's EBM Reviews Collection.
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source covers all facets relating to the areas of dentistry including dental public health, endodontics, facial pain & surgery, odontology, oral & maxillofacial pathology/surgery/radiology, orthodontology, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, and prosthodontics.

Mobile App:
A free EBSCOhost mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information visit:
Digital Dissertations and Theses
Note: College of Dentistry Only
Digital Dissertations and Theses is an extensive, interdisciplinary collection of graduate works culled from more than 700 universities. The database publishes more than 90% of all dissertations accepted each year in North America. This resource is updated monthly with new doctoral dissertations and master theses.

Note: Access restricted to College of Dentistry.
Note: BCD dissertations and theses published since 2006 are not housed in-print by the library and are only available electronically through the database.

To find BCD dissertations: select Advanced tab, put "The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center" in top search box and choose "School name/code" from pull-down menu to right of search box; add additional search criteria.
DrugPoints® offers summary information on dosing, drug interactions, adverse effects, pregnancy warnings, indications, cautions, therapeutic classes and brand information. It also offers over 1,400 concise, unbiased, synopses on FDA-approved drugs (includes prescription and nonprescription).
DynaMed Plus
DynaMed Plus is an evidence-based, point-of-care reference tool. It features an easy to use search bar and concise results and topics pages. DynaMed Plus also includes patient handouts within results pages, medical calculators, and other decision support tools. DynaMed Plus uses Micromedex source material for drug information and includes general reference information for medical topics.

For more on DynaMed Plus, including features, history, and editorial information, check out the DynaMed Plus website:

Note: To find patient information handouts from the database, first search or browse for your appropriate subject term and select it; then choose the Patient Information tab from the list of sub-categories that appears under the selected search term.

Mobile App:
To download the DynaMed Plus App:
  1. Access DynaMed Plus while on a College of Dentistry or BSWH-NTX networked computer and click on 'Mobile use – Get the DynaMed Mobile App' at the bottom of the spotlight section of the DynaMed Plus page.
  2. Enter your email address (this does not have to be your institutional email) in the popup box and click Send. - An email will be sent to your email address.
  3. Open the email on your mobile device and follow the instructions.
For information on the mobile app, please see

CE/CME credits are available through this provider.

To complete a CME/CE activity:
1.     Create a DynaMed Plus account or sign in to your previously created account.
2.     Search for a topic, then click on Earn CME at the top of the topic page
3.     The first time you access the CME/CE credits page, you will be prompted to enter your email and choose the type of credit you would like to receive.
4.     Then you will click on the Prepare Submission button and answer a short list of questions in order to receive the CME/CE credit.
5.     You will then receive a credit certificate, which can be accessed anytime by click on the claimed credits tab on the CME credits page.

For more information on types of credit available and how to claim credits click here: How to Earn CME/CE Credits on DynaMed Plus and Types of CME/CE Credits Available through DynaMed Plus.
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