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Health and Psychosocial Instruments

Encompassing nearly 190,000 records, HaPI is comprised of bibliographic information for peer-reviewed scholarly journals, books, technical reports, and test publishers' catalogs. The essential resource for researchers, students, clinicians and more, HaPI features coverage of more than 80 unique behavioral measurement tools and instruments which are used across professions and disciplines, including nursing, public health, psychology, social work, communication, sociology, and organizational behavior or human resources.


Health Reference Center Academic
Health Reference Center Academic is a full-text database of integrated health information materials from the nursing, medical, and allied and consumer health disciplines.

The database culls literature from a variety of sources including medical journals, periodicals, reference books, pamphlets, and consumer health magazines. Health Reference Center Academic also provides access to an extensive multimedia resources collection.

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Health Source: Consumer Edition
Health Source: Consumer Edition delivers comprehensive patient healthcare information concerning diseases, drugs and major health topics. Examples of subjects covered include nutrition, general health, childcare, sports medicine, and behavioral health. The online resource is updated daily.
Medical information is provided by a number of sources including consumer health magazines, journals, reference books, the Clinical Reference Systems reports, and the Lexi-PAL Drug Guide which provides access to patient drug education handouts. The database also supplies users with a medical dictionary for reference.

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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition provides healthcare professionals with scholarly information from a variety of medical disciplines with the core of the database consisting of a comprehensive nursing and allied health collection.

Clinical information is culled from over 550 scholarly full text journals. The database also includes the bibliographic records and abstracts to articles from nearly 850 peer-reviewed journals.

Other online features include access to drug monographs and patient-level drug information sheets. The online resource is updated daily.

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Health Technology Assessment
Health Technology Assessment Database (HTA) is a part of the collection of evidence-based medical databases in the Cochrane Library. HTA summarizes medical, social, and economic details of health technology into brief records and structured abstracts. The database covers both completed and ongoing assessments.

HTA, produced by the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, provides explanatory rather than systematic summaries of the implications and consequences of health technology at all levels of healthcare for the purpose of informing healthcare policy making.

Note: HTA is a part of OVID's EBM Reviews Collection.
OVID HealthSTAR is a comprehensive healthcare delivery information database designed to provide users with data on health technology, services, research, and administration. Literature is culled from the MEDLINE database, the Hospital Literature Index, and journals.

Materials in the electronic resource, both clinical and non-clinical, include patient outcome assessments; research related to health policy, economics and insurance; the efficacy of procedures, programs and services; as well as studies on a variety of other critical healthcare delivery topics.

The database was formerly sponsored and maintained by the National Library of Medicine. OVID HealthSTAR serves as a continuation of the NLM database, housing backfile HealthSTAR citations and indexing new records retrieved from MEDLINE using the NLM's HealthSTAR search strategy.
Henry Stewart Talks - Biosciences Collection
Note: College of Dentistry only
HSTalks BIosciences Collection provides access to world class Biomedical and Life Science lectures by leading authorities from around the globe, in one online resource.
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center
The Hobbies and Craft Reference Center is a database that gives users detailed instructions on a number of different types of hobbies such as arts and crafts for adults and kids, model building, needlecrafts and scrapbooking. Also included is collecting, home and garden, indoor and outdoor recreation, performing arts and science and technology. The database provides full text content along with access to hundreds of videos and thousands of recipes.
Home Improvement Reference Center
Home Improvement Reference Center has full text content from almost 50 top home improvement magazines and over 125 reference books. There are images that cannot be found anywhere else online and almost 100 videos on common home repair projects. Find information on maintenance, remodeling, electrical work, decorating for the home and garden, outdoor improvements, plumbing and wood projects.
Humanities Full-Text
The Humanities Full Text database offers full text, abstracts and bibliographic indexing of the most well-known scholarly sources in the humanities. It covers art, classical studies, dance, film, journalism, philosophy, religion and more. There are full-text articles from over 300 journals. Content includes feature articles, interviews, obituaries and original works of fiction, drama, poetry and reviews.
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