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Mango Languages
Mango uses real-life situations and actual conversations to effectively teach users to learn a new language.

Mobile App is available at your device's app store.
MAS Complete
MAS Complete is a wide-ranging database created specifically for high school libraries. Subjects included are history, science, careers and more. It contains full text for more than 500 popular high school magazines. Full text is also available for over 90,000 biographies and over 70,000 primary source documents. There are more than 400 reference books, an image collection containing photos, maps, flags and color PDFs.
MasterFILE Complete
MasterFILE Complete offers the largest collection of popular full-text magazines, reference books and other highly-regarded sources from the world's leading publishers. Covering virtually every general interest subject area, it also includes an extensive collection of photos, maps and flags.
MedCalc 3000 (now called EBMcalc)
EBMcalc is an electronic medical reference and analysis tool of calculators, decision trees, clinical criteria sets, equations, and unit and dose converters. Calculations and Equations are organized by specialty for quick access.

The online system serves to support evidence-based decision making and medical error detection and elimination.
MedicLatina is an online resource for Spanish language medical literature. The database connects users to a unique collection of peer-reviewed medical research and investigatory journals from the world's leading Latin American and Spanish publishers.

Examples of subjects covered in the database include cancer research, neuroscience, biomedicine, pediatrics, clinical research, human reproduction and cardiology.

Mobile App:
A free EBSCOhost mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information visit:
MEDLINE Complete
MEDLINE is the authoritative bibliographic database of The National Library of Medicine, delivering comprehensive scientific records to articles in the life and biomedical sciences. The coverage of material is extensive and international in scope.

The database provides users with citations to articles from over 4,000 academic journals in medicine, the basic sciences, nursing, dentistry, history of medicine, and health services research. Citations and abstracts are categorized according to the NLM MeSH system for easy retrieval.

The MEDLINE Complete search interface allows users to focus and limit searches, and search by NLM medical subject headings. An evidence-based medicine search limiter pulls EBM reviews.

Mobile App:
A free EBSCOhost mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information visit:
Middle Search Plus
Middle Search Plus database was created for middle school libraries. It provides full text for popular middle school magazines, full-text biographies and historical essays. It also includes primary source documents, reference books and a vast image collection. 
Military & Government Collection
Military & Government Collection is a database of academic journals, periodicals, and government publications concerning the branches of the military. The database include information related to medicine, public health, dentistry, and nursing.

Notable publications include Foreign Affairs, Military Medicine, Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, and Political Science Quarterly.

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A free EBSCOhost mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information visit:
Mosby's Nursing Skills
Mosby’s Nursing Skills is an online skills and procedures reference system.
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