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Ulrichsweb is the electronic version of Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. The database serves as the authoritative source for comprehensive bibliographic information on periodicals and serials published world-wide.

An easy to read legend allows users to determine whether a journal is open access, peer-reviewed, available electronically, or contains reviews.
UpToDate Anywhere
The Baylor Health Sciences Library is very pleased to announce that the clinical support tool UpToDate is now available to all of its patrons both on and off campus.

UpToDate Anywhere is a clinical information database that delivers quick answers to critical point-of-care questions. Recognized authorities drive the selection, analysis, and synthesis of evidence into fully-referenced, evidence-graded topic reviews. The summaries detail specific guidelines and recommendations for patient care, diagnosis, and management.

The database is a resource for background medical information, expert opinions, and peer-reviewed literature reviews. UpToDate also provides CME opportunities and  patient health information handouts.

For more information about the features of UpToDate Anywhere, and to find help, tutorials, and support on any of these, please start at

Off-Campus Access

Before accessing UTD Anywhere from off-campus, users must have an existing UTD user account. The Login/Register link is at the top-right of the UTD Anywhere page.
  • If you already have an existing UTD account from a previous personal subscription, you may login from a computer on-campus with those credentials. You will retain access to your previous CE/CME/CPD records, but your account will now be tied to the BHSL subscription. (Be sure to turn off any auto-renewals set for your personal subscription.)
  • If your personal account has an expiration date, be sure to login to UTD from on campus on the day after the expiration.
  • If you do not have an existing UTD account, then you must first complete a one-time registration process from a computer on-campus.
  • If you have more than one UTD account you can merge accounts following these steps.
With an active UTD user account, BHSL patrons can access UpToDate from anywhere by going to the UTD website ( and logging in with their registered credentials.
(Be aware that BSWHGuest, BSWHBYOD, and TAMHSC WiFi networks cannot be used to register. An Ethernet connection or BSWCorporate WiFi use is required for registration
Any network can be used to access UTD once registration is complete.)

NOTE: To maintain your registered account, you must login to UTD Anywhere from an on-campus computer at least once every 90 days.

UpToDate Mobile App  UTD-logo

BHSL patrons who have registered with UTD Anywhere can utilize the UpToDate mobile app on any mobile device. Simply install the app and login using your registered credentials.

The UpToDate website is also optimized for use on mobile browsers.

For more information please see the registration tip sheet.
UpToDate: Patient Information
UpToDate Patient Information is a clinical information database of reliable consumer-level health topic reviews. The online resource provides patients with easy-to-read medical education materials concerning conditions and treatments.

The database organizes patient education materials under browsable health topic categories to facilitate searching.

Note: Due to licensing restrictions, remote access is not permitted.

This site is optimized for mobile devices.
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