Off Campus Access

With the implementation of OpenAthens the steps for accessing resources from off campus are essentially the same as on-campus access.

    1. Go the library’s home page at
    2. Choose the appropriate tab in the search box at the top and enter your search terms. NOTE: if you are searching for articles, or an unsure, then use the default Primo All Search tab. In the below example we are search for the eJournal called American Journal of Medicine.
    3. Click the Search button.
    4. On the results page you can see the number of results, and use the facets on the left-side of the page to narrow the results down if necessary. In our case, result #2 is the one we’re interested in.
    5. Clink the link for American journal of medicine (Online).
    6. On the title result page you can see more information about the particular item, including links out to the library’s provider for that item if available electronically. The Send To buttons allow you to export the reference to the item in various formats, see a permalink, email, and print the page. The Find it Online section will contain one or more links out to resource providers if the item is available electronically. Please page attention to the availability dates and any notes below each option. Scrolling down you can see more details on the item.
    7. Click the appropriate resource link. (In this case we click Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals).
    8. If this is the first eResource you’re attempting to access from the library in this browser session, then you’ll be taken to the OpenAthens login screen.
      • BSWH-NTX personnel should click the Baylor Scott and White link to login through SecureAuth.
      • Texas A&M College of Dentistry personnel should click the Texas A&M College of Dentistry link to login through Shibboleth.
      • Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation personnel should click the OpenAthens link.
    9. You’ll be taken to your institution’s authentication portal where you can login as usual. Once you’ve successfully logged in you will be taken to your resource where you should have full access.

If you experience any difficulties with this process, or find that your access does not match what was stated on the items result page, please contact the library to let us know.

Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.